Seeing Shoreditch with Authentic LDN

I recently went on a walking tour around Shoreditch with Authentic London. I’ve done walking tours in lots of other cities around the world but thought it was about time to do one in my home town. I’m not going to go into too much detail as I would genuinely recommend you do the tour. However, I’ll just go through some highlights for you to get an idea of what you might see.

IMG_2913The meeting point was very easy to get to from Liverpool Street Station. Our guide Yasmine (not Jasmine) introduced herself and explained what we would be doing on the tour and seemed in high spirits which was a great start. Yasmine was very knowledgeable about the history of Shoreditch and it was really fantastic learning things I never knew about a city I’ve lived in for most of my life.

IMG_2922IMG_2936As an Art lover, I really enjoyed seeing some really technical works of Shok-1 the graffiti artist. Learning the differences between legal and illegal street art and how the area is cracking down on security to stop offenders. Some I could agree with, but there are other works of art that are classed as illegal that I definitely don’t agree with. IMG_2929IMG_2917We learned about local artists and ones who work at or used to work at Authentic Ldn. The fact that a lot of street art changes almost daily which means the tours will never be exactly the same is great too. There was even a man on our tour who had done it twice before.IMG_2933IMG_2932IMG_2935We got to see some well-known bits of artwork that have been around for many years. We also got to see some brand new ones that had only been around about a week. Discussed the possible meanings behind them and put forward some of our own opinions.IMG_2923IMG_2927We learned about the buildings in the area, the cultural and class differences and what it will set you back to rent or buy a property in this area.IMG_2921All in all, it was a fantastic tour. The time went pretty quick but we were all left full of new information. I decided to do the tour in January, so I was prepared for it too be cold. Just make sure you dress weather appropriate as the tour runs rain or shine. Luckily our group was very small because of the time of year. This made it very personal and easier to get to know more about the guide and ask questions.

Alternative Ldn was only £10 with an optional tip to the guide if you’re happy with the tour. Yasmine definitely deserved my tip and I can’t rate her higher. She really knew her stuff and showed a passion for the area and the people.

Looking forward to do the London pub and craft beer tour next!

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