Feeding our souls at La Petite Bretagne Crêperie!

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I was recently invited to try out La Petite Bretagne’s new crêperie in Dalston. Not my usual hang out as I tend to stick to West London but definitely worth the visit. Located a stones throw from the station, we were greeted by the wonderful Maryline. What I found lovely from the offset was that the majority of staff were French. Although we are clearly in London, this gave the restaurant a warmth and authenticity. Like you were invited into their home.

As advised by Maryline, we ordered a French platter to share for a starter and then a crêpe to share for main. This was a good way to try a few things on the menu and then if we had room, we could also share a sweet crêpe.


The starter was a perfect tasting board of saucisson, olives, pistachios, mini emmental cheese & ham buckwheat crêpes, bread and butter. Having spent my childhood and most of the summer holidays in Spain, I am well accustomed charcuterie platters. I loved the addition of the crêpes. The emmental cheese and ham buckwheat crêpe  bites were superb and the fact that they used real beurre français (French butter)  was just perfect! If you haven’t tried French butter, you are definitely missing out. 


Whilst awaiting our main, Maryline suggested we tried the Kerisac Brut Cider. This particular cider is traditionally drunk with savoury food as it brings out the flavour. It’s not so fizzy, is really light and fruity and was served in a large tea cup. I loved it! Not usually a cider drinker but I would definitely try this again!

IMG_6333The main arrived and although quite full up from our platter, we wasted no time in tucking in. We went with the Chêvre.. honestly anything with goats cheese, rocket salad, honey, ham and walnuts, sounded too good to miss out on. The addition of honey really brought the whole dish together and the whole dish made me feel that we could really be anywhere in France right now.

IMG_3276All in all, our lunch at La Petite Bretagne was truly fantastic. It was a little far, although they do have a more local one in Hammersmith that I will definitely be going to again. All the staff were so welcoming and happy to tell us about the restaurant and the food. The service was spot on and everyone who worked there looked like they were enjoying themselves. Seeing the staff happy is a huge indication that you are at a great restaurant. Thank you so much La Petite Bretagne for having us and we hope to visit you again soon to try out some one of these amazing creations..

Merci pour la lecture!

x Claire Bear London x


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