Fine tea tasting at Camellia’s tea house

Tea is a drink that is enjoyed in every culture. We are spoilt by choice with the amount of options available even to buy at the supermarket. I’m a fond drinker of tea, I tend to  sway more towards herbal and mint teas in the evening as I drink mostly coffee during the day. I even own a Turkish kettle which I bought in Istanbul whilst there last summer. My partner and I really fitted in well with the locals as it’s culturally the norm to drink a lot of chai (tea) there.

I was invited to check out this brand new tea house that recently opened a few weeks ago. Camellia’s has been distributing tea to 5* hotels since 2011. The brand was founded in late 2007 by brother and sister, Lubna and Ajit Madan. Lubna who lives in New York, is a qualified Homeopath and blends all the wellness teas herself. Ajit is the UKs first ITEI Master Tea Sommelier and was there to welcome me when I visited.


As it’s situated opposite The British Museum, I easily found the pretty little tea house. It’s only very recently been open and I got to see some of the rigorous staff training. Ajit welcomed me in and told to me to have a walk around to look at and smell the different teas that were on offer. I was overwhelmed with the variety and my senses were definitely enlightened by such a mixture of scents. From wellness teas, to fruit teas, green teas, black teas and everything in between. There was so much to choose from I definitely needed some advice.


Ajit is so refreshing to talk to. He is so passionate about tea and is very warm and approachable it was wonderful to hear him talk. He prepared me a green tea called Shenkeng Dan Cong and delivered it to the table in the most beautiful teapot. The whole process in how the tea was prepared was so fascinating. It was steamed prior to it arriving at the table and then hot water is added for approximately one and a half minutes. I was given a lovely little sand timer so I could time it perfectly. The strainer is then placed on top of another jug which you then pour into your cup. The tea set was divine and I am definitely going to be buying a similar one when I got back next time.


Camellia’s is an artisan tea company based in London. If you ever frequent The Mandarin Oriental, The Corinthia, The Grove or Dominique Ansel Bakery. Chances are that you’ve already tried some of their bespoke teas. You can find a full list of their stockists on their website But why not visit their quaint tea house for afternoon tea whilst out in Central London?


Camellia’s is definitely one to watch for the future. Apart from serving and selling devine tea from all around the world. It has a lovely interior and the downstairs keeps up with the traditional tea house feel complete with a rustic fireplace. The upstairs is light and airy and has stunning instagramable tables. So I can imagine it getting very popular, very soon!


Check out their website for more information and to purchase some of their award winning teas!




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