My first Airbnb hosting experience.

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IMG_0228Last month I told you all about how I made the plunge and set up my mum’s studio to be used as an Airbnb. So much has happened since and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

So last week, Jenny and Steve came to visit from California. They had been to London a couple of times so didn’t have to cram all the touristy stuff into the five days. I met them at the bus stop and walked them the five minutes to the house. I told them a little bit about myself and about my mum. Jenny mentioned that they were both vegetarian and would be looking for places to go for dinner.


I let them through the side entrance which went directly to the studio (so they didn’t have to worry about anyone being home). I showed them where everything was in the kitchen, gave them the Welcome Pack and told them to make themselves at home and I would be around all day if they needed anything. I wasn’t going to be around much the next day so I gave them my mobile number and my mums number too. Steve was super tired so he went for a nap and I said that Jenny should knock if she fancied a cup of tea.

When I left them I searched Google for vegetarian restaurants in London. I jotted down a few that were easy to get to as I wasn’t sure how much time they had. I also took down names of vegetarian Bloggers and Instagramers in London so that they could get some inspiration from them. Jenny knocked on the door and we enjoyed a cup of tea and she spoke about how fond she was of London. It was really nice and relaxed.


Over the next few days they knocked on the door every day to say hello and for some advice on which public transport to take. My mum said they were lovely and enjoyed a glass of wine with them one night.

I guess every guest you will have is different. Some like their own space, some like to come in for a chat whenever they’re around. I think the main thing for you to do as a host is whatever you’re comfortable with. For my mum and I, it was to be warm and welcoming and to show that the door is always open should they need or anything.


The payment came through 24 hours after check in and my mum put it in a new account she had set up. Since we both love travelling so much, she said that it could go towards holidays for us both. She couldn’t believe how easy the whole process was and is kicking herself that she hadn’t done it sooner.

Hosting is absolutely perfect for us both. I can update the info on the site (not that my mum would have any problems) and my mum spends more time in the country than I do. So together we make the perfect team. Since my mum retiring, she was always worried about how far her pension would stretch. Now it’s so much less of an issue and will start to make some seriously good money from being a Host.


When we earn a bit more, we might look at the furnishings and freshen them up. I designed the interiors of my mums home so I’m super excited for another project to come my way! As I absolutely love Petersham Nurseries, this is where I’ll be getting most of my inspiration.


Our second booking came through before Jenny and Steve arrived and we look forward to welcoming the guests next week.

If you’re sitting on the fence, or you don’t know where to start.. AirBnb’s Hosting Site  have it all covered on their website. I couldn’t recommend this enough. You’d be surprised how quickly everything gets set up and the balls start rolling.

Please let me know If you decide to go for it and if you need any advice because I’m more than happy to help.

Forever hosting,




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    August 2, 2018 / 9:03 am

    Woww that’s sounds fantastic ?

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