An education through cocktails at Rakes Cafe Bar

I recently visited Rakes Cafe Bar in Shoreditch with a friend of mine. I had heard that they do fantastic cocktails and being a massive fan of liquid lunches, I couldn’t wait to try some of these out. IMG_1680

On entry, I noticed the beautiful high ceilings and exquisite bar. The Front Room is lovely and bright and the perfect place to enjoy lunch. The Parlour is very warm, comfortable and the ambiance is relaxing.

We were given the menus and the waiter was very knowledgeable about the menu. He talked to us about The showstoppers which are eight signature cocktails taking their inspiration from ‘The Rake’s Progress’  which is a fictional story about the rise and fall of Tom Rakewell. The walls in the Front Room are also adorned with paintings of each side of the story.


The first drinks we tried were The Heir and Levee. The perfect start of our introduction into the story. Rakes Cafe Bar are firm believers of drinking responsibly and so we chose a few dishes of their all day dining menu.

IMG_1695We ordered the Cauliflower wings, the squid, burrata and a side salad. I had heard about the cauliflower wings from a few people and I must say.. they were without a doubt the highlight of our meal. The squid and burrata should also have a mention as these were also delicious.

IMG_1700 2After our introduction we were desperate to try two very interesting sounding and unique cocktails. We chose The Mad House and The Panacea. The Mad House was my favourite of the two. At first I found it rather confusing and then I started to enjoy it. The chilli colours on the top fascinated me and I could definitely see why it was called what it was. The Panacea was equally confusing and had a sweet rim yet bitter taste.

IMG_1706 2

To finish we decided on The Marriage and The Orgy because they seemed to be the best to end on! The Marriage was my overall favourite as I’m a huge fan of the colour pink and I loved the taste of lychee.


Located perfectly (literally  next door to Liverpool St Station) Rakes Cafe Bar is a wonderful place to go any time of day and whatever the occasion. I’ll definitely be going back soon with the bearded man to make a dent on the rest of the cocktails!

IMG_2870IMG_1680IMG_1670 2IMG_0213

By Claire Fogel



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