A Weekend at the De Vere Wokefield Estate

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a friend’s wedding in Wasing Park and enjoyed a press stay at De Vere Wokefield Estate. It has recently undergone a £20million refurb, so I was very excited to explore the hotel and see what changes they’ve made.


We stayed in the Mansion House which was built in the 1560s for the wealthy Plowden family. It’s surrounded by 250 acres of Berkshire parkland and you can still see bits of history in the different architectural features throughout.

 There really is an abundance of choice when it comes to your stay. There is the more traditional Mansion House and the very modern Wokefield Place and Wellington Lodge.

Wokefield Place has been kitted out to include all the AV and IT you would need for a conference. The tall ceilings and large windows let in a lot of natural light. With plants and greenery on the walls, it really makes it feel rather calming. Wokefield Place has a restaurant, bar and cafe all under the same roof. It is certainly the perfect place for a conference. You can even stay in the building.

The new rooms are compact and well decorated. The details are lovely and keep the room looking bright. The new rooms are a short walk from the conference rooms so in perfect location. I adore all these details and I love how they have kept the De Vere stamp (map above the bed) but made it more modern and light.


Even the entrance to Wokefield Place is stunning, you are greeted with beautiful flowers before you reach the reception desk. There are lots of places for small meetings or to sit and have a coffee and it really is a lovely place to be when it’s raining and cold outside.


Everywhere you look in the Mansion House, there are gorgeous details. The fireplace, the corridors, the Whisky Lounge. All of it reaffirms why I love to stay in hotels like this. There are a lot of entrances. So when you check in, I would drive to where the front door of the Mansion House is. That way you can check out your room and work out which carpark to use.


From the Hunter wellington boot stand in the reception to the gorgeous and current gallery style pictures on the walls throughout. The Whisky Lounge was lovely and my partner and I enjoyed playing cards in there the evening we arrived. The golf course looked fantastic and made us wish that we were even slightly interested in the sport. The grounds were lovely though and I enjoyed a wonderful walk on our first morning before I got glammed up for the wedding. 


The bedrooms are lovely in the Mansion House, I love the details of the vintage radio and telephone, as well as the tartan pillows and throw which really made the room pop. The bathroom was the pièce de résistance for me though. Would you take a look at this gorgeous bath?


I’m so surprised that people don’t do this, so here’s a little hint from me.. When booking a room anywhere. Make sure you specify which room you want, especially when going from pictures.




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