Test driving the All New Hyundai i10

Last week I had one of those serious pinch me moments. One that made me realise that everything I’ve been working on for the last four years of working for myself was going in the right direction. I was finally beginning to be more noticed for my photography and content creation skills. Hyundai invited me along with some journalists and content creators from other countries to test drive the All New i10.

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On the 18th January the latest generation of Hyundai’s multi award winning city car went on sale. In this blog post, I’m going to touch on the trip as a whole, talk about the car specs, features and my overall impression of what it was like to drive.

I arrived a day early as I’d never been to Cascais before. It’s a beautiful seaside town in Portugal, around a thirty minute drive from Lisbon airport. Walking around Cascais (around 10 degrees warmer than London) on my first day was lovely. I grew up in Spain and I loved the similarities in cultures, as well as nature. There’s really something special about seeing climbing bougainvillea in January. After a long walk around town, I had some delicious seafood and walked back to our hotel.

After breakfast, I was able to pick up my car for the next two days. I named her Scarlett as she stood there proudly, a gorgeous shade of dragon red. As soon as I sat inside and buckled up, my worries of driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road melted away. I knew that Scarlett would look after me, If I looked after her. I programmed in a loop on the map, connected my phone to the Apple CarPlay and put on my driving playlist that I had put together whilst at breakfast. We hire a car in most European countries we go to and there tends to be a bit of a theme with it taking quite a while to get used to driving it. At least a day usually. However, I took to Scarlett (or she took to me) really naturally. I stalled once when there was a bit of traffic driving out of town but apart from that, I can’t complain about anything. She was an absolute pleasure to drive.

I drove Scarlett for two hours and reluctantly came back to the hotel for lunch. I grabbed a bit to eat and headed to a graffiti workshop that was run by the talented Nomen at the Double Trouble studio in Lisbon. It was great learning how Nomen went from being a small time graffiti artist to being a well known and reputed artist in Portugal and Europe. We learnt how to hold a spray paint can and how to create different types of strokes which was lots of fun. I drove Scarlett back in the rain to our hotel so I could catch the tile painting workshop. This was really relaxing and a lovely way to end the day. We had dinner and listened to traditional Portuguese music before retiring to bed as it would be an early rise in the morning to check out and make the most of driving Scarlett again.

The sun came up on our last day and after a quick breakfast, I took Scarlett out for a drive before heading to the LX Factory in Lisbon. We had a cooking class at Kiss the Cook and we made three different types of pasteis for the Refood charity to give to homeless people who live in Lisbon. It was really lovely giving something back and I loved making pasteis. I’ll definitely be trying the recipes again soon! To end our day, we had a lovely lunch at Taverna which is also inside LX Factory and then headed to the airport to catch our flight.

The trip was truly fantastic and I am already planning my next trip to Lisbon. Just adding a bit more details of the All New i10 below for all you car fans..

Moving into the 3rd Generation, All New i10 has had a comprehensive upgrade from previous models and has had a substantial make over in both exterior and interior design. The equipment and driving dynamics as well as a full 5 seat configuration as opposed to it’s competitors as many only offer 4 seat models.

The exterior design has evolved from it’s predecessor. The All New i10’s dynamic and sleek design offers a contrast between its soft surfaces and sharp lines. It has enhanced proportions, with its visual stance improved by a lowered roof, wider body and longer wheelbase. The enhancements can be complimented with optional 16-inch alloy wheels which will result in an energetic and agile look.

Looking at the car from the outside it is compact, yet when you get inside you realise how much room there really is. It fits 5 adults comfortably. The interior features fresh patterns, textures and the latest technology. Bluetooth connectivity is standard while selected models offer an 8” touch screen with Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto. Navigation is available with the optional Tech Pack on Premium models.

The comprehensive safety features include:

Lane Departure Warning System with Lane Keep Assist
Autonomous Emergency Breakdown
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
eCall, which automatically calls for assistance should the airbags be deployed.

Disclaimer: This blog post has been sponsored but the review is completely my own!


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