Renovating our kitchen with Wickes

Getting our kitchen renovated was definitely something we had needed to do for a while. Both of us would come home from work and not want to cook, which is definitely strange for me as I love trying out new recipes in the kitchen usually. It was getting us both down and so we decided to save up some money and get the balls rolling.

Wickes approached me to do a collaboration and share the process from start to finish of choosing the kitchen to fitting it. They had some great deals on at the time and I’d read great reviews so decided to go with them for the whole process. Apart from the boiler which we bought separately and had a friend who installs boilers and heating so he did that for us.

The first thing we needed to do was to take everything out of the kitchen. This was our job and it actually didn’t take us very long. You’d be surprised how much space all our utensils to up. We were definitely most surprised about this! Luckily the kitchen was completed in a under a week, so we didn’t have to live with the lack of moving space for too long. The only other thing we organised was the new boiler to be fitted.


We arrived home after our holiday on the Monday and at 8am Tuesday morning Ivan was there with his team to take all the cupboards down etc. Everything got taken down really quickly and they even managed to get the tiles off the wall and the floor. On the Wednesday the plasterer came in and plastered the walls and ceiling. He came back to finish the job on Thursday. I was amazed at how quickly they were working.

On Friday it was time to get all the cupboards in and on the fridge and dishwasher got fitted! I was elated! Not being able to cook in your kitchen is hard enough. For the first two days we were eating sandwiches for breakfast and salads in a box for lunch, then maybe a cup of soup or the bearded man would have a pot noodle for dinner. If any of you have had your kitchen done or for whatever reason you’ve been without a kitchen you’ll know how difficult that is. Luckily we could keep fruit and milk outside because it was winter and after three days of eating salad for lunch, I put the microwave on the table in the living room and made us some hot meals. It was quite a stressful time for us and especially Doodles the cat who was restricted to three rooms but we had to close the door each time she’d go into one. Over the weekend she had freedom to roam and then once the floor tiles were fitted in the kitchen we opened all the doors again.

On the Monday, the tiles got fitted, the washing machine was fitted and the shelves got put up. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes, the kitchen was looking incredible.

Tuesday the grout was filled and the kitchen was finished. We were asked if we were happy with everything and if we needed them to come round the next day to do finishing touches. We spent the evening examining the kitchen. It was so well done and there was hardly anything that we spotted. Apart from a little nick in the wall, some more sealant that we wanted around the sink and a few bits of grouting.

There was a bit of a misunderstanding as we had thought that the builders were going to be painting the kitchen and it was only on Tuesday that we discovered that they weren’t. If we had known sooner, we would have done it ourselves after the plastering had been done (we’ve painted three other rooms in the house ourselves) but now with everything in and the shelves fixed to the wall it would be quite tricky to do ourselves. Luckily Wickes sent a professional to do this and he was done in a day and a half.

Would we recommend Wickes?

Absolutely! The process from choosing what we wanted and getting it all finalised was very smooth. We waited for three months to get the best builders and Ivan and his team really did a fantastic job. The only thing I would have changed is having it done so close to Christmas although that was because Ivan and his team were in high demand. It was good to know that we had someone so well reputed.


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