Welcome to my little world. I’m Claire and I’m a 30 something lifestyle blogger from London. After spending all my free time on Instagram, I thought I should really set up a blog to showcase my photos and findings of exclusive hotspots around London. Here you will find honest reviews on restaurants, coffee shops, florists and bakeries. I hope you enjoy them and use them as a guide to gain better experiences in London, whether you are a local or a tourist.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I love a pretty door/entrance and will walk for hours and hours to find new and interesting ones I haven’t before. I live for coffee and have a real sweet tooth, so get so excited when I discover new places to visit. I am also a crazy cat lady who lives with the man of my dreams and Doodles, our cat.

I absolutely love fashion and although not hugely confident with myself in front of the camera, I will also showcase and review my favourite brands and seasonal wardrobes.

I hope you all enjoy reading!

Lots of love,